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Massage and Scrub

Cotton Candy

A sugary sweet exfoliation to tantalize your senses and leave your skin looking brighter, tighter, and more beautiful! Sweet notes of delicious cotton candy will transport you to a happy place and time!

$100/hr $140/85min $180/115min

Coastal Vibes



Swedish Massage

Light to medium pressure is used to soothe tired muscles and calm the mind





Gulf Coast Salt Glow

Sea salt, harvested from the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico, is used to exfoliate the body, followed by a relaxing massage





Black Lava Body Caviar

Hawaiian black lava salt deeply polishes and detoxifies the body, followed by a decadent full body massage using fine oils blended with cedar and saffron





Milk + Honey Massage

Warm honey is drizzled all over the body, followed by a goat's milk and honey sugar exfoliation and a relaxing goat's milk hydrating massage

 (85min and 115min includes a goat's milk hydrating body wrap)





Luxe Hydrating Body Cocoon

A luxurious body wrap that will soothe even the most sensitive of skin! A rich, soft, warming balm provides deep hydration that lasts while protecting damaged skin. Made with active botanicals to improve skin health and aid in regeneration.





Manual Lymph Drainage

A relaxing treatment to stimulate the lymphatic system. Light pressure and specific hand sequencing is used to provide optimal drainage of the lymphatic vessels. Great for post surgical and post traumatic events




Young man is enjoying massage on spa treatment. .jpg

Deep Tissue Massage

Firm pressure is used to target areas of chronic tension to increase mobility, and provide relief to achy joints





Hot Stone Massage

Heated river stones are used to ease tension and promote deep relaxation throughout the body




Image by Esteban Lopez

Seaside CBD Massage

Escape to the islands with this wonderfully tropical treatment! A coconut and hemp scrub is used to buff the skin, followed by a therapeutic CBD massage





Sun Radiance Tanner

A gentle exfoliation creates the perfect canvas to paint a moisturizing application of sunless tanning cream to give your skin a luminous and natural glow. The streak free formula is designed to provide a long lasting tan without the damaging effects of UV rays



VinoTherapy Wine Wrap

This luscious body cocoon is rich in resveratrol to naturally combat the aging process; diminishing age spots, and protecting the body from pollution and damage caused by free radicals (85min and 115min includes a Crushed Grape Massage)




Closeup of therapist hands making facial massage for young black lady at spa salon.jpg

Rejuvenation Package

A truly intoxicating experience to delight your senses. Enjoy a 55min remineralizing body scrub and relaxation massage, followed by a 55min custom facial.


Young beautiful pregnant indian woman touching her belly.jpg

Prenatal Massage

For expecting mothers, this massage focuses on areas of stress commonly associated with pregnancy




Image by Luise and Nic

Aromatherapy Massage

A wonderfully relaxing massage using the power of essential oils to invigorate your olfactory system




Thai massage therapist treating patient.jpg

Bamboo Renewal

Warm bamboo is used to knead and glide over the muscles to relieve stiffness, increase clarity, and promote the body's natural healing ability





Luk Pra Kob Signature

Warm fragrant bundles of steamed herbs are pressed into the body to stretch sore muscles, and activate your body's energy lines. Deep compression, and stretching provide relief to sluggish muscles during this signature massage. Choose between French Lavender, Organic Peppermint, or Energizing Lemongrass!





Couples Massage

Experience your massage with a friend or that special someone! You and your partner may  choose between a Swedish massage for relaxation, or Deep Tissue massage for more therapeutic benefits.


Sensation Package

Envelop yourself in complete relaxation with this opulent spa experience. Begin with an 85min aromatherapy massage with a deluxe foot treatment, followed by and 85min custom facial with a moisturizing hand treatment.


Massage Enhancements

Accessorize your experience with these sensational enhancements designed to rejuvenate the body!

Restore $20

A rich foot scrub and moisturizing masque to restore tired and achy feet

Purify $20

A purifying scrub followed by a warm masque to revive and hydrate the back

Extend $25

Extend your massage time with an extra 15 minutes on any area you would like more attention. (Add back or foot scrub +10)

Detoxify $20

Warm French green clay is applied

to the back to relax sore muscles and detox the body

Chill $10

Cold therapy to soothe aches and pains associated with inflammation

Buff $20

A full body dry buff to exfoliate the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system

Ease $15 

A relaxing cranial massage using essential oils to open sinuses and relax the scalp and neck

(with Ayurvedic hot hair oil +5)

Blast $20

A Theragun percussive massage device used to treat muscle soreness and relieve pain while speeding recovery

Lift $20

Massage cups are used to target inflammation, reduce pain, and increase blood flow

Balance $15

Warm CBD Oil is used to during the massage to decrease pain, reduce inflammation, and increase blood  flow

Scrape $10

Traditional Chinese alternative therapy using a Gua Sha to break up adhesions, release muscle tension, and increase flexibility

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